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Symbaroum: Adventure Pack 3

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Nighttime descends like a deep blue veil over the River Veloma and the village of Prios Pass. The snow no longer falls, the wind no longer blows, and a grim calm settles in the shadows of the Titans. Somewhere on the other side of the river is the refugee camp, occupied by Alberians hoping to be welcomed into Queen Korinthia’s Promised Land. 

Creaking and squeaking, the raft is reeled across the flowing waters, toward the points of fiery light glimmering along the northern shore. The boatman grunts a brusque farewell as he pushes you up on the slushy pier. Now, all that remains is waiting and hoping – waiting in the shadows of the mountains and the towering cliff which raises Baroness Karolia Meleon’s Keep high into the sky; hoping that the incoming caravan has not gotten stuck in the snow. Or worse. 

Though you would rather not think about it, you have all heard accounts of what can happen on the journey across the mountains. Predators, bandits, even trolls and elves. Other tales warn of the infectious darkness which many travelers bring along from Alberetor, the diseased south, to the hopeful refugees at Prios Pass. 

Adventure Pack 3 includes two scenarios that in different ways deal with the Sun Church, and the spiritual conflicts of the Ambrian people. The Howling of Damned Gods is set in the border village Prios Pass, where a caravan is about to arrive, laden with desperate refugees and the darkness of the depraved south. The second adventure, What’s Bred in the Bone, takes the player characters to young Duke Ynedar’s city Ravenia, where the mingling of barbarians and Ambrians creates both excellent partnerships and agonizing conflicts. The characters have a great chance to influence the outcome of the stories, but must be prepared to go up against very tough opponents and make equally tough moral choices.

Featured content:

  • The village of Prios Pass and the city Ravenia as detailed adventure landscapes.
  • Close to twenty sites and establishments where the characters can eat, trade, sleep, acquire information or visit local dignitaries.
  • Color maps of both settlements.
  • The mystical tradition Blessings, along with other powers and rule supplements.
  • A thorough introduction to the pantheon of the Young Gods, and the history behind the Exaltation of Prios.

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