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Tatar Skirmish Set - By Fire and Sword

Tatar warriors – the true rulers of the steppes, they were familiar with horses and weapons from childhood. They are the masters of raids, reconnaissance, flanking manoeuvres, feigned fights and ambushes. They strike swiftly by flanking the enemy and showering him with arrows from their reflex bows – their main weapons. Some warriors were also armed with various polearms and used them with deadly efficiency.

This skirmish force from the Crimean Khanate is an ideal starter kit for By Fire and Sword adventures. It contains the main part of the Besh-Bash - one of the options of the traditional Tatar skirmish force. 

Contents (all metal 15mm figures):

  • Mirza (command group)
    • 1 x Mirza (commander)
    • 1 x Standard Bearer
    • 1 x Lieutenant
    • 3 x Tatar horses
  • 1 Torhak of Tatar warriors with spears
    • 9 x Tatar warriors with spears
    • 9 x Tatar horses
  • 2 Torhaks of Tatar warriors
    • 15 x Tatar warriors
    • 15 x Tatar horses
  • Tatar rabble warband
    • 12 x Tatar rabble
    • 12 x Tatar horses
  • Jasyr
    • Animals and prisoners
  • Other parts
    • 13 x 3x4 cm bases
    • 1 x 3x8 cm base
    • Set of Tatar standards
    • Set of shields
    • Set of metal spears
All miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. 

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