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Tessen - A quick card game set in Feudal Japan

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The Shogun has declared an end to clan warfare. To resolve disputes clans must face off in a competitive hunt for eight animals. The only weapon they are allowed is the Tessen, a Japanese war fan used for both attack and defense. 

Tessen is a card game where you and your opponent play cards simultaneously. To win the game for your clan you will need to be fast, but you will also need to use your wits and make wise decisions in the heat of the moment. 

A typical round of Tessen takes less than three minutes and a match can be completed in about 15 minutes. 


  • 42 card deck
  • Rule sheet
  • 2 expansion cards
  • 2 animal information cards

Ages: 13+

2 players

Playing time: 10-15 minutes

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