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Ultima Forsan - Savage Worlds Setting

Sold out.

At the end of the Middle Ages, the Scourge of the Dead has hit Europe, Africa and Asia, beginning the darkest era of the history. Today, in 1514, the heroes of the New Kingdoms are ready to fight to regain the World. Ultima Forsan is a game of wild adventures and deadly threats, set in a macabre and alternative version of our Renaissance.

Inside Ultima Forsan Setting Book you can find:

  • A new Savage Worlds Setting, made of grim horrors and indomitable heroes
  • Two double-page maps: Macabre Lucca and the New Kingdoms of the West
  • New Edges, Arcane Backgrounds and Rules to face the Plague Hordes
  • Special weapons, augmented armors and mechanical prosthesis to fight the Macabre War
  • The Secret of Marco Polo: a complete campaign ready to play
  • More than thirty new, frightening monsters, plus dozens of animals, human characters and Wild Cards
  • An adventure generator that will allow you to create an infinite number of adventures for your Heroes
  • A scalable lethality level, allowing you to play the way you prefer, from lethal survival horror to epic action and heroism

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