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Upon a Fable - A fairy tale strategy game - Kickstarter Edition

Upon a Fable is a Euro-style strategy board game for 1-6 players (recommended age 10+) with a fairy tale theme. Players assume the role of a grand ruler in the fairy tale lands and start the game with one Small Realm (the Home Realm) overseen by a loyal Fable subject.

During the nine game rounds, each ruler seeks to expand their fortunes through a variety of methods, including: 
  • adding more realms to gain the support of additional Fables (which in turn, grant additional game actions each round); 
  • upgrading the size and influence of their realms, from Small to Large to Epic;
  • playing Ever After cards that influence the flow of the game; 
  • and gathering the valuable fairy tale resources of Magic, Love, Honour, Followers, and Castles. 

None of these paths to greatness can be ignored, for only the most well-rounded ruler shall be granted victory over the others and awarded the title of High Emperor or Empress. At the end of the game, the player with the highest total Point value—accumulated through the variety of different methods outlined above—is crowned the winner.

Designed by award-winning publisher and game designer, Mark MacKinnon.

Art direction by award-winning graphic designer, Jeff Mackintosh.

Illustrations by award-winning children’s book author and illustrator, Ruth Sanderson.

A sampling of many of the types of cards used in Upon a Fable
A sampling of many of the types of cards used in Upon a Fable
  • for 1-6 players, or add the expansion pack to accommodate 7-8 players
  • gameplay time is about an hour (10-20 minutes/player); option for solo play
  • interesting and engaging family-friendly theme
  • primarily Euro-style design with some random card draws
  • familiar game mechanics combined together in a fun, new way
  • game mechanic categories include: worker placement, resource acquisition, card drafting, hand management, victory point matrix, and resource intensification
  • full-colour rulebook (download the full rules at http://bit.ly/XPkGqW)
  • 3 double-sided game boards (“Story Boards”)
  • 6 player boards
  • 110 playing cards (86 Fate cards, 9 Story cards, 9 Curse/Blessing cards, 6 Player cards)
  • over 200 durable punchboard game tokens
  • 12 plastic zipper storage bags
  • 1 50-page scoring pad
  • 1 pencil

These games include the special KickStarter exclusive over-sized cards. 


Players: 1-6

Age: 13+

Duration: 10-20' per player

The "Kickstarter Special Edition" contains wooden meeples and markers as well as the standard cardboard ones.

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