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Very Important Martians - Mars Attacks

Sold out.

As the invasion continues, some of the most influential and infamous Martians of the Empire arrive to lend their weight to the fight. The Supreme Regent comes to check on the progress of his protégé Tor, and to lend him some appropriate encouragement. Beloss Bel, one of the best spies the Empire has ever produced, is drafted in to infiltrate the senior echelons of the Earth defences. The Martian Standard Bearer accompanies senior Martian officers, waving the flag and presenting a tempting target to enemy soldiers.

This set contains 3 plastic pre-assembled coloured Martian models.

  • Supreme Regent
  • Beloss Bel
  • Martian Standard Bearer
  • Detachable Clear plastic helmet

Models supplied unpainted.

2014 The Topps Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. MARS ATTACKS is a Registered Trademark of The Topps Company, Inc. Licensed by The Topps Company.

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