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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Ed. WFRP4 - Starter Set

The perfect introduction to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, this set includes a 48 page Adventure Book to teach you how to play with an introductory adventure plus 10 follow-on scenarios, and a 64 page Guide to Ubersreik.

Boxed set includes:

  • The Adventure Book (48 pp.), containing 11 adventures:
    • "Making the Rounds" (introductory adventure)
    • "The Hassle of Johann Hoffman"
    • "Red Moon Burning"
    • "Da Lit'lest Waaagh!"
    • "Blood & Snow"
    • "The Riddle of Silver"
    • "Memories of Blood"
    • "Two Wrongs Make a Right"
    • "Old Blue Eyes is Back!"
    • "Unions & Reunions"
    • "Ash in the Wind"
  • A Guide to Ubersreik (64 pp.)
  • An Introduction to Ubersreik and the Empire (1 p.)
  • Game system reference sheets (5 pp.)
  • Player handouts (3 pp.)
  • Six double-sided pre-generated character folios (12 pp.)
  • Double-sided player's and GM's poster maps showing the city of Ubersreik and surrounding regions (4 pp.)

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