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Wormskin Issue 7

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Wormskin explores the mythic forest called Dolmenwood, a weird folklore setting for use with B/X or similar tabletop adventure games. Each issue uncovers various elements of this eldritch realm situated on the leafy verges of Fairy, where austere Drunes rub elbows with weird elf-lords and talking beasts, where witches wander skyclad and armed with sinister magicks to bind the spirits of hapless adventurers. Be wary.

  • d30 name generators for the most common Dolmenwood races (humans, elves, moss dwarfs, grimalkin, and woodgrues).
  • Henchman generator, including guidelines on hiring henchmen in Dolmenwood.
  • Descriptions of seven hexes to the east of the town of Prigwort, in central Dolmenwood.
  • Descriptions of seven hexes around the hamlet of Drigbolton, in the north.
  • Descriptions of seven hexes around the road from Lankshorn to Dreg, in the south.
  • Monsters of the Wood: antler wraith, audrune, crookhorn goatman, drunewife, giant snail, giant psionic snail, moss dwarf, witch, woodgrue.

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